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Friday, June 3, 2011

Children's Picture Books by Kellee Farr

When Grandma talks about ‘getting skunked’ and a ‘bunch of baloney’, she is not talking about stinky animals and sandwiches. When Gracie talks about a ‘blackberry’ and a ‘mouse’, she is not talking about fruit and rodents. “No, silly Gracie” comically explores the difference a few generations makes in terms of language.

In Peacocks and Plea-clocks, when Jimmy’s big sister says crocodiles, he gets it wrong by saying crock-a-dile-oes. Why can’t little Jimmy just get it right? Journey through the zoo as Jimmy’s big sister learns patience, while she tries to teach him all of the animals in the zoo. Will Jimmy’s sister be able to stick to it in order to get Mommy to cook her favorite dinner?

I have worked with young children for twenty years. “No, Silly Gracie” is just under 450 words. Peacocks and Plea-clocks, is just under 250 words. This is a multiple submission.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Kellee Farr

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